Our Gear

Our gear allows us to shoot and capture and offer a finished product. We carry Sony cameras, live u streaming, drone coverage and Blackmagic switching gear. Of course there is too much to list so connect with us on the contact page.

Typhoon H

The Typhoon H Pro with RealSense technology builds a 3D model of the world, while navigating through it. Using a 3D model of its environment enables the drone to make intelligent choices about creating routes and obstacles.

  • H264 video at 4k at 60fps
  • H265 video at 30fps
  • 1’’ 20MP CMOS sensor
  • 120 mins flight time
  • 7 km control range
  • 72 km/h speed

star1 v2.0

The Freefly Star8 multi-rotor unpacks, ready to shoot, in under 5 minutes. It is easy to fly in our hands, powerful, rigid, adaptable and reliable, and is a UAV optimized for up to 15-pound payloads.

  • H264 video at 4k at 30fps
  • H265 video at 30fps
  • 1/2.3’’ 12MP CMOS sensor
  • 20 mins flight time
  • 7 km control range
  • 65 km/h speed