The xFold™ Travel platform features great flexibility designed for wide range of applications, from DSLR and FLIR / Zoom cameras, to multitude of sensors and payloads. The xFold™ Travel is a x8 – 8 motors & propellers set) for different applications, and is already in use in different applications such as industrial, commercial, cinematography as well as military. Our drone can carry a DSLR 10 to 15 lbs. We can monitor shots from the ground with a wireless transmission.

It takes 2 operator’s to fly our drone. This makes it easier and safer when 1 pilot can concentrate on flying and the other can concentrate on getting the shot. Don’t miss another shot when your existing pilot tries to do 2 things at the same time.

Safety is our biggest concern. We abide by all state and local regulations and make sure our flights are safe and non-obtrusive. We communicate with air traffic control towers before we fly as well as local police to make sure we are in compliance and it is safe to fly. Contact us today.

FAA Approved Part 107

More info on the drone we use. http://www.xfoldrig.com/xfold-rigs/xfold-travel/

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